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Advanced Recovery & Counseling
We can help you or your loved one


Each individual’s journey will be a unique process with ARC by your side to aid you on the path to recovery and wellbeing. 


Family sessions are encouraged at our facility. The families of individuals we are treating are able to visit us to interact with the staff, have a tour, and review our program and services.


We facilitate efficient access through personalized services and programs that bridge gaps in the system, provide a continuum of care.

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A Few Words About Us

We specialize in helping individuals who are struggling with behavioral health conditions. Our services are offered in both English and Spanish. 



  • Best specialists
  • Strong commitment
  • Effective work


Individual Therapy
Also called psychotherapy, psychosocial therapy, talk therapy, and counseling, it helps overcome obstacles to your well-being. Our treatments will always be tailored specifically to the client’s needs.
Group Therapy
Group therapy allows individuals to develop self-awareness by listening to others with similar issues. Sharing one’s experiences with others with similar problems is often itself therapeutic.


We provide skills classes that offer support in acquiring basic skills crucial to mental health recovery and personal empowerment. Treatment goals are unique to each individual. Some people find they can meet their treatment goals in several cycles while others may finish in one cycle. Others may stay in the program for several years. Length of your time in the program is determined by your personal goals.

100% Confidential

We take the confidentiality of our clients as the #1 concern.

Qualified Team

Our team specializes in various spheres of health condition.

Individual Approach

Our approach combines dedication and professionalism.

Thousands of Happy Patients

Facing the COVID-19, our team has developed an excellent online program where a team of experts both in mental health and technology specialists, work hand by hand with our clients offering the best experience in online therapy. Request a FREE demonstration and an expert will contact you with more details.
We’re glad to announce that our clients benefited with Full Medicaid can receive our services 100% covered by their insurances with absolutely NO co-pays or hidden charges.

Our seasoned team time and again proved that the only goal in sight is to solve the patient’s issue once and for all!

What Clients Say

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Our admissions team will reach out to you after submitting the form.

If you have insurance, we will request your permission to verify your benefits and advise you of any out of pocket costs.

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